Saturday, August 30, 2008

Camping avec Co&Ca a la Thunderstorms

The highlight of the CoCa schedule, the camping trip, happened in May. AMAZING, meaningful, fun, with perfect weather (and yes, in spite of, or because of, the thunderstorms!) and great food, friends, and even some spiritual growth!

David and I showing off those stunning Robins' genes... ooooor not....


The torrential downpour our first night

Around the campfire

David the monkey helping keep the tarp up and running

Having fun!

Steve enjoying the best banana treat ever!

Staying afloat!

Don't let it collapse! We're still eating!

Name of the game for the first evening!

Katie and I reverting to our childhood... COLOURING! My favourite thing!

Hard at 'work'

The tarp crew keeping things dry

Fire time


The VW crew

Beans. Beans. Beans. Beans. Did I mention beans?

Rachel looking adorable in wellies!

Moment of truth! JENGA!

To conquer.... the river!

The campsite

Hiking the gorge

Rachel prepared for 60% of the weather incurred!

My camera was kidnapped... these are the purpetrators

The one that got away!

Roger faithfully documenting... in case of drownings!

Verity & I preparing for the ride

The tube holder... comes standard with most VWs! Doubles as a wife!

Riding in the truck on the way back to the site.

Verity chillin'

Steve and I keeping it rural

Unnamed someone plunging down the rapids!

A few of us brave souls

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