Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Twister With Sardines & Attack Volleyball: Co&Ca In Action

Well right now it's actually August and quite frankly, I'm ashamed of myself... my blogging has only been caught up to January! It was sad for me to see the end of the postings from Europe, and I have been missing those days of late. However, as with all endings, it means also the beginning of something else... and of course, that for us included a new home in Beamsville, a new page in the friendships we were reunited with, and a few new pets as well! (More on that in later posts)...

So in this post, from (yes, sigh) March, I'll include some shots from family trips and just a bit of us readjusting to life back on the west siiiide of the globe...

One of my favourite subjects, the trolley car in a field on Hwy 8 (6? I'm horrific with numbers) on the way to Andrew's parents in Lucknow

Lindsey's going away party (she comes home soon!) as she left us to go work for one of the Gaithers in the States for a few months (she was driving Michael Tait of dc talk fame's car at one point!)

Put 40 people in a living room, add a Twister game and what do you get? Mayhem and blackmail photos! (Jesse's butt features prominently in this one)

My husband, Shaphan Reed, and Josh Clark having a go at it... (Look's like Josh is winning!)

Drew and I captured in yet another 'tender moment'

Ian and Steve duke it out

Poor Liz is being crushed

Maryann takes on the guys

Why do the girls always end up suffering?

Steve and Mrs. Gunning (in a rare Twister shot!) compete for glory

Annette poses amidst the lovely plethora of footwear in the Gunning's foyer

Annette, Meagan and the adorable addition Chloe (new at the time to the Millson household!)

Getting away from the crowds

Jesse caught up in Twister fever

Drew and I, yes that's right... another tender moment

Ian training his attack dog

Young People's gym night... Jesse in good form

David showing off those lovely Robins legs

Ian and a fantastic dive

Eric makes a great spike, while Scott defends (and look, they match!)

Dayna and Craig... meant to be? Ya, I think so. Hehehehe...

David attempting to free a trapped vball

Scott serves it up

Roger captures the entire night on... er... film... card... whatever

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