Sunday, February 17, 2008

Home, Sweet, Freezing Home

Here are some photos from my first weeks back at home in Canada!! While I completely miss England and travelling the globe, it's more than amazing to be back home with family and friends and streets I recognize!

Beautiful flowers I bought myself because Drew was still in England and hey we all need a little sunshine!

Cupcakes I made for our landlords after they left us a lovely card and Christmas gift! :D

Splat getting acquainted with her new digs

Back with the gang for our weekly Kelsey's nights! (Notice half the group has their cell phones out... soo much easier to text someone than yell across the table, apparantly) L to R: Katie, Alicia, Heather, Joanna, Marianne, Chris, (I'm assuming Kendra is behind him), Emily, unknown girl's hair, prob Lindsey, Zach, Rachel, Jesse, Shaving, and David! (At the other end was Rich and Steve I think....)

David, Steve and I enjoying a tender moment...

Our first visitors to the bird feeder I put up in our backyard!!! :D GORGEOUS colours! I love cardinals!

Ian & Heather, the birthday bunch closest to Christmas, at our Co&Ca Christmas Banquet, held in style at the Mandarin in St. Cats!

Ian, Jesse & Dave

Brother Dave & I and the Millson's ADORABLE new puppy, Chloe!!

The cute couple in a tender moment... Kendra & Chris

Chloe giving Dayna some looove as Jesse looks on

Mommy and Chloe!

Steve trying out yet another chick magnet idea ;P

Jesse, clearly the coolest guy in this picture

All tuckered out in someone's lap at the Nicholsons

So romantic... just the three of us, watching Elf after dinner at the Mandarin

An uber-caffienated Emily Gunning.... 

Siblings (yes, I WAS his date!) at the Personal Touch Home Improvement Christmas party

Tim Hartwick, err, Santa, and his elf, Bill Duncan

Shaphan getting some love from Santa

Me enjoying my first snowfall in over a year!

AAaaand not enjoying the shovelling I had to do... Drew has conveniently been out of the country every time we've had shovel-able snow this year!

Love from Canada!

Our new couch! With my amazing wool/merino blanket from Scotland. And Splat. Always Splat.

The sun caught my hard boiled egg pot sooooo niftily I had to document the moment. Notice I like to live on the edge and leave my pots NOT in the middle of the burner!

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