Monday, December 31, 2007

Oxford for the Umpteenth Time

Yet another day trip into the blue yonder... Laura and I headed to Oxford for the day to do a bus tour and enjoy the sights and shopping... it was by far one of my favourite days we spent out... we had hilarious tour guides on the buses who made things so much fun! Lots of history in that town, it is amazing to me how much history and how many years of it can be packed into one small area and survive and yet be used every day. We had gorgeous weather for the most part that day, it turned incredibly cold but there was enough sun to make for some good pictures.

I just love the expressions on these gargoyles on the wall of one of the colleges that dot the town

These are the botanical gardens of one of the colleges, and also a popular place to go punting (with the boats below) on the canal when it's warm enough.

A beautiful old, old street

Intimidating looks from the theatre gargoyles


Gate with possibilities

Pub where C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkein met to discuss.... everything from God to mithril...

I just loved the colour contrast of this gravestone and the leaves and grass behind it from a church yard in the middle of the town

View from the top of the tower at the Castle (haunted of course)

Another angle

The very very haunted dungeon

This corner is haunted by a monk... can you see him?

Make your own mug shots... the castle was used for a jail for most of its existance

Making faces

Laura looking convict-like

How did we get two in that one?

Whisps over the hill

Whither the wind blows?

Fresh fish at the covered market... one of my favourite places!

Another store in the market with a fun delivery bike! The transportation of choice in Oxford!


  1. I like the comedy of the figures on the wall. Very nice.

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