Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Say "Cheese!"

Our last jaunt with Trish & Leroy was to Cheddar Gorge, where we went via Bath. It is the highest gorge/cliffs in England, and they were well worth the drive, the road winding through the gorge alone was so full of blind corners and twisting turns that it made for an attraction in itself. We did a LOT of walking, and ended the day with a drive to the coast just south of Bristol and then back to Reading.

Part of the creeks in the valley

Seeing as they haven't used the shilling system in years, I would love to know how old this sign is...

Drew pouting and me looking cold

The Fantastic Four

The rock that looks like a lion's profile (kinda)


Looking straight up from the bus... can't capture the sense in a photo

Cheddar cheese, which they STILL make here and age in the caves

Mountain goats!

More cliffs

Amazing views

Look out for rock climbers!

Looking into some of the caverns in the cave

Can you see the stalagmites/stalactites?

This is part of a HUGE cavern (the bottom step of this is easily 7 feet across, if not more), called Cathedral Cavern. Amazing...

Looking up over the 'steps'

Looks like something out of the old Star Trek

Looking into caverns

Another view


Looking straight up, the holes carved by dripping water

England's oldest skeleton... 2,000 years, Cheddar Man!

An old cave drawing found

Weird looking exhibit, showing cannibalism in the area

A bit 'o history

My fave.. fuschias!

Nifty old stonework

Gorgeous fiery colours

Small waterfall in the valley

Ribbons falling.... love time delay shots!

Gorgeous hanging baskets

Drew looking pensive outside one of the cave entrances

Love the reflections!

Alien leftovers? (Looking up)

The manly men in a cavern

More pools

Lerory in a fissure

Which way up?

Another beautiful view!

Cheesy 'haunted cave' walk

Another view of the cliff from the top of a water tower we climbed up to (talk about a hike!)

Neighbouring gunmetal twinkie-mobile

Good pic of the lad

Up close and personal with Leroy

Pucker up, sunshine!

For Dave :P

The butt of our jokes.... mountain sheep :D


Love the sunflowers, signs outside of Cheddar

...and legs....

View from the road of the gorge, etc.

CRAZY tiny roads

Jerk driver that made us BACK up a HILL and kill our clutch.... stupid woman

Beach near Bristol (just south)

Mud worm holes

Feeling shelfish

Textures in the sand

Eerie lighting conditions

Another sexy TVR in the parking lot of the restaurant where we ate... yummy

Peek under the hood

The boys checking out the lady

I sincerely wish this had turned out.... beautiful country scene.... lit up church in a glen

The sea :D

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