Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Et Tu, Drew? The ITALY Trip!

WHO HOOO!! Well these are all the pics from Rome, the first leg of our Italy trip... We arrived at Gatwick Airport on Saturday afternoon and got in the MASSIVE security queue, and actually bumped into Trish & Leroy who were flying back to Canada that night as well! So we chatted with them for a bit before heading thru to have our heads er bags checked. Rome was beautiful, a bit intimidating and we definitely felt like strangers, but LOVED the food and the history. Every corner you turned there was an ancient something or other, usually in use or in the middle of a busy area and not roped off or in a museum somewhere, just an integral part of the city. Craziness. Imagine a 2,000 year old wall next to your bus stop!

There was a fast moving queue for the mouth of truth, so I had to photoshop both of us together into this one photo :) Legend has it if you are given to lying and you stick your hand in the mouth, your hand will be bitten off.... (Drew and I survived).

Me :D

Drew :)

Beautiful old wall and cameo on our street

This guy was not impressed we only had like 2 euro change to pay him for taking 2 pics with us (I thought he was just kind of there advertising for some monument, didn't realize he was doing it for a job....) oh well, he was a jerk about it so I didn't feel so bad :P

Shouldn't his thumb be DOWN?

The Colliseum! (If I could spell it properly....)

How meaningful to see three crosses etched into the wall there

I believe this is an old pagan temple, next to the Colliseum

The bottom middle of the Colliseum

One of the entrances

Looking across

View from the end... massive!

Drew enjoying the view

Despite all the flack, we're still around! ;)

My first Italian gelato! SOOOO good!!

View of the queue

Over 2,000 years of history.... overwhelming

Another shot of the skyline

Part of the Roman Forum

More of the forum

Large part of the old barracks/ludus of the gladiators I believe


Church bells

Part of our hotel's street view

Love the old buildings... lots of character

Another view of that wall

The barracks, from the outside

More ruins near our hotel/Colliseum


Forum and old villas on the hills

Beautiful newer buildings (and by newer I mean 17,1800's)

Fresh fruit stalls!

Walking around the city

This building is now a museum, but has below the memorial to the Unknown Soldier

Detail of a statue on the building

Viva Italia!

Churches in the distance

Flag in the sunlight

3,000 or so year old building

More interesting city views

Just standing around being ancient and impressive!

Old old church with columns still visible from ancient times!

Uber-detailed stonework

Church over the Mouth of Truth

Bit of carving, latin of course


The Tiber River

Looking the other direction

Italian graffiti

Field where the Circus Maximus used to be (chariot races, Christian killings, etc).... a sober visit, but a reminder that God is faithful even when men try to get rid of Him.

How could I resist this window?

Old Roman palace near the Circus/Colliseum

There has to be an anna joke in here somewhere....

More buildings from ancient Rome

One of fifty million we saw that week!

And again...

Love the old colours

Gas stations are quick serve and drive thru!

Our hotel :D

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