Friday, August 24, 2007

Windsor Castle: July

The last leg of our travels with the Hayhoes in July was about 20 minutes down the road, to Windsor Castle. We spent the day before they left us wandering around the town of Windsor and of course, the castle.

The main part of the castle

Part of the lush and gorgeous gardens

The budding (and talented!) photographer

Part of the quarters where castle workers still live

The main entrance to the castle used during banquets, etc, is under the outcropping

The main courtyard with the Royal residences behind

More of the amazing gardens. The main overseer (I can't remember the exacty title, like a mayor) lives here

Just heading into the castle

The main gate looking towards the official entrance as shown above

Oh the teeth pulling that occured to get this pic... I think it was worth it tho ;) And no one actually died of embarrassment ;)

Cat in the "servants" quarters :)

The tired but happy family :)

This guy was prepared

I couldn't resist this gorgeous blue wall...

I love these old Dickens-era windows


Amazing hanging baskets and another gorgeous blue wall

Old alongside new

Sunny windowbox

More of the hanging baskets

I didn't take this pic, but it was too stinkin funny to NOT include!

Slough train station roof... the lattice was so unique... (I got heckled for taking this shot, too!)

Intently reading the latest news. The sheep on the back looks like he belongs right outside the window...

There was just no stopping them as I prepared the timer

Notice my husband making the most mischief

Zombies, the lot of them, it looks like at least

Patience wears thin....

The Travelling Buddies! :D What a trip, worth every penny and more!

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