Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Wee View 'O Scotland, Aye!

Here is another set of photos LONG overdue for an upload, photos of the Hayhoe family, Drew & I sashaying across northern Scotland! We started off with a 10 hour mostly uneventful (except for some women on the train ride up who were rather obnoxious and loud, but oh well!) train ride through gorgeous countryside, and finally ended up in Aberdeen. We wandered around the town, passing lots of perfectly healthy 20-somethings BEGGING on the streets, which was new, finally had dinner in a Pizza Hut where I'm sure we nearly got thrown out of we were so tired we were giggling at EVERYTHING... Drew & Tim then went to pick up our rental van, and we got a good night's sleep. The next morning we set off after breakfast for our drive north to the coast and then west to Inverness, the Moray Firth, and Loch Ness... after an incredible day touring those areas, we headed home through the back roads you've never even imagined, and collapsed. The next day we got up, had breakfast, grabbed stuff for lunch, and got to the train station, where I discovered I'd lost Drew & my train tickets... with no time to spare, we ended up having to buy NEW tickets since no one would give us new ones, even though I had all the receipts, etc. (I HATE Virgin Trains now, their customer service is the worst I've ever had from a company in my life). Had a frustrating train trip home, but made it back in one piece and with lots of hilarious and picturesque memories!

This piper was amazing, she was playing for a wedding occuring at Urqhart Castle (on Loch Ness), and continued playing after the wedding, it was haunting walking around the ruins, looking out over the loch with the pipes on the wind... amazing...


Catherine a bit excited to be out and abooot in Scotland

The MANLY men at Moray Firth (I think... somewhere on the North coast at any rate!)

Mom & Daughter on the coast!

The lovebirds :D

Yum, kelp!

"Awww! You made me ink!" These jellyfish were insane looking... a cool purple and clear otherwise. We crowned this one with a shell...

Drew leading the research expedition, investigating the wildlife

If he wasn't dead, I'd swear he was waving

Old dock?

Ok so this was our crowing achievement as tourists... Tim took a run at this MASSIVE puddle, then Drew took the one documented in the next few shots... the car behind Drew must have thought "Man those tourists... Och, our Scottish puddles are clearly too much for them!"

Tractor path that just looked SO inviting!

! ahead

This guy was incredibly frisky, and started running when he saw our van go by :P

Gotta love the patriotism!

Strategically placed bum... udderly fabulous shot ;)

You want a piece of me?!?!? This horse was HUGE, and gorgeous...

What a shnoz... and I love their massive hooves!

Old abbey just sitting in the middle of nowhere

Hehehehehe inspiring words

Street preaching? :D

Drew & Catherine trying to break the camera...

There's something missing from the picture... it's "wheely" hard to see.... hmmmm

It was just too pretty NOT to photograph

"Holy"stic approach to care? I didn't know we had Christian designer labels...

Gorgeous wildflowers & gardens

Just your typical downtown scenes....

I would've kilt for a better pic of these guys tee hee

They take their Anna jokes to new levels in this country...

Beautiful but rugged beach on the north shore

Looking across to other parts of Scotland

The famous search for the seashell of great size... Brian thought he'd found it, and eagerly reached down and grabbed... a large pile of bird poo... luckily they found some shells so it wasn't a totally worthless sacrifice. And made for good entertainment for all those who witnessed it...

This sign is bull

Urqhart Castle on Loch Ness

:D Still putting up with each other ;)

Is it a sign that you've officially lost it as a photographer when you start taking pics of total strangers' weddings????

They won't tell you, but they broke this piece off themselves....

Room with a view!

He may look innocent, but he tried to throw me off the side right after this pic was taken

Not sure what the constipated look is for, but at least it made Andrew laugh


Can't take them anywhere... this ended in defeat

Narrow view

Ok so this photo shoot took way too long... I wanted to make sure we had the perfect shots! ;)

My favourite shot from the whole trip I think...

Wow. You definitely had to be there... just incredible.

Lungs of STEEL that woman, I'm sure


Catherine looking pensive (dang, she was going for thoughtful!)

Drew trying to give me the sexy look

A return to his normal handsome self :D

Tired but content

This guy was in serious need of a haircut

And to think this is the shorn version....

These sheep were quite intimidating... but the view was awe-inspiring!

Up in the highlands on the way home

Quite the roads...

Random shot when I got out of the van to chase pheasants... I chased them around the road, into a field, and finally gave up and got in the van, 10 seconds later they just sauntered across the road about 20 feet in front of us, coy and taunting.... but then they got caught in the fence so I had the last laugh. Ba ha ha.

The prize pheasant shot

The switchback road we had to do 5km/h around, seriously hairpin. There was only a few feet between each turn, just BARELY made it... awesome!

Having fun in our adjoining hotel rooms in Aberdeen on our last day

This is the story.... of a lovely lady....

A tuckered out family taking over our humble abode ;) (We made Brian sleep on the floor)

Brian on the train to... somewhere...

"Look! A diversion!" Little did we know they actually DID exist as actual objects....

The pizza hut we nearly got thrown out of....

Wall at the castle

Having fun at Urqhart

Amazing hills surrounding the loch

Crazy remains of a bridge on the way back from Inverness/Loch Ness to Aberdeen.... who knows how many hundreds of years old that is....

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