Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Robins Family UK: Day Six: Tower of London

Thursday took Dad, Mary, Dave & I back into London, where we spent the whole day perusing the Tower of London, an amazing place, with torture chambers, dungeons, old weaponry, and tons of history. Not to mention the Crown Jewels, which were incredible!

Peeking at the Bridge from the Tower

A Royal bedroom recreated

This guard was reluctant to give us directions

Cuddly, cute, and doesn't talk back.... how could I resist??

How dashing!

David & I wanted to take an accurate picture of how post office boxes look like in London ;) See previous post for the real thing!

Part of the Tower of London... impressive!

Artistic gun storage? Who knew?

You'll NEVER guess what this was for...

Suit of armour for a young boy, around 7 or 8... and we think toys today are violent!

Home of the Crown Jewels (which we couldn't photograph... boooo)

The guard outside the building that houses the Crown Jewels

The White Tower, in the centre of the buildings within the walls of the Tower

These guards were all too happy to pose for a Canadian :)

What a cool part of the tower....

Ok so maybe I put in one too many pics of this...

It's bigger than it looks!


A British favourite, soft ice cream with a Flake! (Dad looks a bit greedy ;) )

Tower Bridge again, from the Tower of London

Close up of the Bridge

Dave smack in the middle of Tower Bridge :)

Dave and I on Tower Bridge

The weird egg shaped thing is London Town Hall, looking from Tower Bridge

Something old, something new... the business district with the Tower of London entrance in the foreground

This place is always crazy busy... Paddington Station, looking from the Underground entrance towards the trains

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