Saturday, May 12, 2007

Our Own English "Garden"

Today Drew and I struck out to our local garden centre, Dobbie's, to indulge my yen to create a small oasis on our miniscule patio... Barring frost killing everything or my horrific lack of a green thumb (you'd never know I worked at TWO greenhouses in my lifetime), they will give us months of beautiful flowers, herbs, and tomatoes! And of course, being manly, Drew HAD to buy a little charcoal hibachi, on which we had an amazing dinner tonite! It was a rather expensive trip, but well worth it!

In the works...

In the right corner.... a large pot with a tomato plant and pansies, and a smaller pot with a beautiful flower I can't remember the name of, as well as a new candle for our table... Ignore the dirt, it'll wash away!

The lovely outdoor lights, and our patio furniture

Detail of right hand corner :)

And in the left... our new hibachi, a pot with I believe a strawflower (GORGEOUS colour!), mint, chives, and pansies again :)

It's just pretty!

Detail of left...

Patio shoes

The big picture

Drew putting together the hibachi (I was so proud... he even read the instructions)

Light it up!

Fire pretty!

Our first meal of hamburgers and roasted potatoes

Drew the manly man with his manly fire

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