Saturday, March 10, 2007

Jaye & Emily's Visit

Tuesday to Friday I had the great pleasure of my ex-neighbour/ex-coworker Jaye and her daughter Emily's visit on their way to see Scotland/Wales and a bit 'o England. We had a great time, it was fun to have some girl company for a change, and we spent two days running around Reading and London.

Artsy shot (can't have a post without at least one!)

The only casualty of our trip. Some guys had done this and were videotaping themselves taping off the "crime scene" in Trafalgar Square. Something was definitely fishy. A ha ha a ha ha

Humoungo statue of what I think is the Jaguar symbol, for sale at Spitalfield's Market. I had to make it feel at home

Emily and I inspecting the local communication portal

Oops, didn't actually think they were looking til I got home and saw how miffed the one looks. Oh well. It's not like we were planning on breaking INTO the Parliament

Very gorgeous guard, who can't move or smile. We went up to him and I said 'I bet you are really sick of girls coming up to you to get pics'. To which he said something like 'It's better/worse than Afghanistan' but neither Emily or I could figure out exactly what he'd said. Oh well, still funny!

Took me a few ungainly minutes to get up here (no footholds, too short) but we made it, the butts of the lions of Trafalgar Square have officially been blessed with our presence

Jaye in an awesome garden of daffodils near Buckingham

Jaye & Em in Piccadily Circus

Us crammed in the tube en route to somewhere... Were serenaded by a Cockney bloke signing "I can see clearly now the rain is gone" with a ukelale (sp?) and a British accent. That song was ALREADY weird... Funny guy tho, we got a good giggle out of it

Art deco cafe furnishings I just HAD to snap near Spitalfield's Market

Oh and a side note, Sydney pics WILL be up as soon as Drew is home and I can get the pics off his computer... No worries, mates!

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