Monday, January 22, 2007

Oxford: An Education

Drew and I got up early Sunday morning and headed off to Oxford, about 45 min away from Reading. It was amazing, barely a new building in the whole town I think, and by new I mean built during Robin Hood's era or later... We parked n rode into the city, then walked and walked, just kind of wandering around, toured Christ Church & college, a few other ancient colleges, toured thru a museum of ancient time pieces and scientific equipment, explored tiny streets, did a bit of shopping, of course got a Starbucks mocha, stopped at a great little pub for amazing food (who said the brits can't cook?), then finally couldn't find our bus stop for the park and ride and ended up walking 2 hours back to our car by the time we figured out where we were in the city... So a long long day but very fun.

A lone bicycle amid a city filled with more of them than cars

Fellow Canucks out for a Sunday swim in the Thames

A huge urn in the middle of a college garden

A very indignant looking bust outside of the museum of scientific instruments or something like that

Game before your meal? Drew won backgammon 2 out of 3 before our main course was brought out in the little pub we stopped at to eat lunch... amazing food.

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