Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Work Permit

So Drew's work permit was approved (phew) after a few thousand dollars in Evertz money going to lawyers fees to get him legal into the UK. :) So now all systems are go provided we don't spontaneously combust before our flights. I just found out we can fly (per person) roundtrip to Venice for $130... AAAH I can't fly to OTTAWA for that! So that is the latest installment in our pre-UK plans. Still looking for a home for Splat :S Packing going well, garage is almost (gasp) empty, David and Drew did a great job on that this week, and Dave is still in the midst of getting that finished. So this week it's back to the grind without Drew as he flew out at 4 this morning back to the Motherland for 3 weeks... Thanks to anyone actually keeping up with this blog, keep up the prayers ;)

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