Tuesday, December 5, 2006


So we have our marching orders... First week in January (saving Evertz from flying us over there beginning of Dec then back again for Christmas in Canada) we leave with a few boxes in tow and most of our stuff back in Canada in storage... Splat is still in limbo, have to find out what kind of quarantine we are looking at if we want to bring her with us... So if you want a GREAT cat to keep you company for a year, LET US KNOW!

Drew is off to Milan for the weekend (so insanely jealous here) and then he is back in England til he comes home on Nov. 11 (I will, ironically, be in Calgary visiting Laura that weekend!) So for now it's just packing packing organizing, cancelling phones, switching cell phones, cancelling insurance, selling a car perhaps, and all the other things associated with leaving the country for a year....

A LOT going on, but God has been good and has continued to keep us both sane, given us the strength and patience to get through this LONG time apart, and to do the things we need to to be ready for this move when it comes. So keep praying and keep in touch, we love you all!

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