Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ottawa in 6 Hours or Less

The Ottawa River (I think) as seen from our departure

A lonely chair on Cataract Road in Welland

Drew, pensive, midflight

One of my favourite couples, and one I'm responsible for lol, cousin Chrissa & ex-housemate Shaun

A very cool shot of a complete rainbow enclosing the shadow of our plane reflecting off of a cloud

Andrew & I across from Chateau de Frontenac (spelling?)

The four of us after breakfast

Artsy shot of my ipod

Pre-takeoff view at the Hamilton Airport 7am-ish

Yay 1.5 hour flights!

Us checking out the view

Sidenote, this one doesn't belong, but it was such a great pic of us, coming home from Drew's grandparents in NY State last weekend hehe

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