Wednesday, December 6, 2006

First Impressions

Here are a few pics taken on my jaunt across the pond a la Evertz to see Drew for his birthday the weekend of Sept 23...
Me positioning Drew's uncooperative head for a shot in the Tube station waiting for our train

Me looking very short in front of the famous lions...

The view from our backyard/driveway in Reading... Oh the possibilities once out of that drive... can't wait to explore!

Our street as seen from one of the front doors of the building

The front window of one of the apartments Evertz is renting in the building

This is me in the London Underground, one of those long-arm-hope-you-actually-get-yourself-in-the-picture shots

Andrew & I snuggling up while driving home in his little (I mean TINY) Ford Focus

Drew & I again (sensing a theme are we?) in Trafalgar square with a dismembered naked pregnant marble woman behind us (I know I'm being completely uncultured and this is a very famous statue... but it's still going to take some getting used to!)

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  1. Woah. An update. Cool pics. I love the self portrait. Very artsy and non-self-portrait-looking!