Friday, December 3, 2004

VOICE of Thorold's First Edition

The momentous occasion has occured! The VOICE of Thorold newspaper, initiated by my editor and my newest employer, published their first edition today! Almost all the ads were my own creation or adaptation, and I even did some graphics for fillers/our own advertising. YAY me! Have been having an awesome week, I really appreciate my husband this week, we've had a lot of fun just hanging out and making dinners, playing Skip-Bo, Rummykub and LOTR Monopoly, Settlers, etc. (Yes we're board game nerds), helping out at chapel, etc. etc. It seems whatever we do together we have fun and things run mostly smoothly. Except when Drew is beating me at Settlers. Then things are not so smooth. In fact, smooth is not in my vocabulary during those moments. Words like jerkface, fool, and warthog-face buffoon seem to be mostly my list of useable adjectives during those times. Competitive? Me?!? .....

At any rate, had a great dessert/dinner outing after prayer meeting last nite with Suzie and Eli, it was a lot of fun to sit down with another newlywed (well, yearlywed I guess now) couple and relax and swap experiences in our new lives together. Tonite is our College & Career group's Christmas Bash, country style - hayride, dinner & fellowship in a barn after! It's going to be great, and is pretty much the start of our "holiday social calendar" in this our first Christmas season together. Another YAY!

Wow I haven't written this much in quite awhile. Nothing too indepth today, just really enjoying God's taking care of us financially and in every other way and seeing Him bless our marriage and careers, more proof that God loves his people, we ARE a peculiar people, but sometimes it's good to be reminded we are Someone's, and give Him the glory and recognition in our own hearts for it. How's that for a run on sentance eh?

I want to leave anyone reading this with a verse I read this morning at work... Philippians 4:6 "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." If that isn't a good promise, I don't know what is :P As Heather so aptly put it... "He's the God of the hills and the valleys (in life)"!

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