Tuesday, December 14, 2004

This is a collage of two pics I grabbed off of Google.ca for fun, the butterfly I had to cut out of a background, I then added the motion blur to the forest and a few other special effects. Still trying to figure out how to make water droplet effects, ripples, etc. Let me know if you are that Photoshop savvy...


  1. This looks really cool. I really like it. Here's an excellent tutorial on doing water droplets. Although I'm not sure you want yours to look like they're actually on the page or in the photo. Additionally, if you ever want to play with higher-res, royalty free images for a small fee, iStockPhoto is packed full of professional quality images for around a buck a piece.

  2. Anonymous12:50 PM

    ...also, on that site mentioned above, there's a really good fire effect. go here:


    ...and yes, I too am photoshop savvy